AAR: Kill Team Tournament @ Warboar Games

Today was my first Kill Team Tournament, hosted by Warboar Games. It was a small 11 payer, 4 round tournament that doubled the number of games of Kill Team I’ve played, and I learnt a ton!

Kill Team D.O.R.N-3

Here’s the kill team I took, there was no rosters for this tournament, so it was just the same squad for the four rounds.

  • Tylaeus Lordann – Intercessor Sergeant (Leader):
    • Stalker Bolt Rifle, Chainsword
  • Tor Hagen – Reiver Sergeant (Combat):
    • Heavy Bolt Pistol, Combat Blade, Grav-Chute, Grapnel Launcher
  • Boreas Markov – Intercessor (Comms)
    • Stalker Bolt Rifle
  • Nereus Darsway – Intercessor Gunner (Demolitions)
    • Bolt Rifle, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
  • Darnath Danithor – Intercessor Gunner
    • Bolt Rifle, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
  • Tor Julan
    • Heavy Bolt Pistol, Combat Bladed, Grav-Chute, Grapnel Launcher

Round 1 vs Grey Knights

The mission was get models off your opponent’s board edge, VPs for each one or break your opponents team.

Round 1 map and deployment

My deployment was relatively simple: take the high ground to cover both flanks with my longer ranged units, and push one of the flanks with my close combat units.

My opponent split his forces as you can see to the left. This was fine by me as I knew the range of my weapons could hit them before the escaped, and I had two Reivers, and an Intercessor to take on two Knights. Oh how I was mistaken.

The long and the short of it was: Guns don’t kill people, Psybolt does. 4 rounds, 4 successful Pybolts, 4 mortal wounds, and 3 out of action injury rolls).

End result, I took out two Grey Knights, but lost 4 of my guys in the process, and my Kill Team was broken in the turn 4 morale phase with a roll of 11!

Round 2 vs Astra Militarum

Round 2 map and deployment

The missions: Recover Intelligence. 5 objectives, 1 VP for yours, 3 VP for the centre, and 2 VPs for your opponents…per turn!

I have 6 units in my Kill Team, my opponent has like 9, 10, 11, a regiment? More than me, and we need to hold objectives…Yeah this is the matchup I dreaded.

Deployment is a triangle, or as I thought of it the tip of spearhead. The sharpened point of my spearhead were my two Reivers.

The Scouting Phase saw my opponent choose to “Disarm Traps” whole I took “Take Forward Positions”. The end result being my Reivers climbed the central tower taking a elevated hidden position ahead of Turn 1.

“Hey Guardsman, what has two thumbs and this objective? Tor Hagen!” – Tor Julan, Reiver, 3rd Company

I lose initiative in turn 1 (thankfully) and the Astra Militarum move up to take control of their two objectives and the centre. My Intercessors move up to control my objectives with good lines of sight. Then my Reivers charge off the central tower straight into close combat with a handful of guardsman.

This was basically the end of the game. From here I lose 1 Reiver for 6 or 7 Guardsman, while controlling the central objective for most of the game. The points gap increased rapidly, and the Guardsman break on Turn 3.

Round 3 vs Adeptus Astartes (Imperial Fists)

We joked that this would be a “Feast of Blades” but realistically it was going to be a tickling competition. Our Kill Teams are almost identical (I have one extra Intercessor Gunner, my opponent has an extra Reiver).

Round 3 layout and deployment

Mission is a simple one, 4 objectives (two in my deployment, two in my opponents). 3 VPs per objective at the end of the game.

My long range units take up high positions with good field off fire, while my Reivers take the low ground counter deploying his Reivers. He’s not got Graphnels so he’s going to be slower in the vertical moves.

For a couple of rounds we trade fire with very little actually happening, eventually we

“So who shoots first? You shoot first? I shoot first?” – Tor “Poe” Hagen, Reiver Sergeant, 3rd Company

start to take casualties (I lose my Reiver Sergeant to some unlucky armour saves), and the 4th round looms.

As it stands we both hold two objectives, if we go to round 5 we might break the deadlock. We get our Turn 5. I have a turn to kill one obscured Reiver, he has a turn to kill a wounded Intercessor Sergeant. I don’t, he does, 3 objectives to him, 1 for me.

Round 4 vs Harlequins

The mission: Take Prisoners a.k.a take people out of action in Close Combat for VPs. I’m playing against Harlequins, and I need to take units out in close combat….Harlequins and Close Combat….I’m screwed.

Exhibit A: The first mistake

My first mistake was trying to fortify the corner with lots of guns.

My second mistake was not breaking out of the corner on the first turn.

The terrain obscured the Harlequin advance so I got 1 shot off before they were into me. From there it was game over. I managed to take out one in a lucky round of close combat with one of my Reivers. The rest was a white wash.

Lessons Learnt


Kill Team has a lot of Toughness 4+ units (Adeptus Astartes, Grey Knights, Deathwatch, Death Guard, et al). Primaris have very limited options for dealing with T4+ in close combat, by limited I mean none. In ranged weaponry we have Krak Grenades, and “Demolitions” abilities (+1 to wound against obscured), “Demolitions” stratagem (+1 to wound), and Stalker Bolt Rifle stratagem (+1 to hit, +1 to wound). So basically I rely on two models to do most of the damage.

“I really hate Clowns” – Darnath Danithor facing down Harlequins


Grey Knights: I should have kept back (out of Psybolt range) and concentrated my fire on one model at a time.

Harlequins: Shoot them, shoot them quickly. Start forward then fall back, while shooting.


This tournament was fixed lists rather than having a Command Roster to draw your team from each round. Which suited me as I pretty much had my Kill Team set and probably wouldn’t have brought anything different.

For a fixed list I’d probably drop “Darnath Danithor” from the force as I just didn’t get much use out of the second Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, so I’d probably replace him with another Reiver or Scout Gunner (see just below).

That being said since then I now feel I need to add the following to my Command Roster for when I’m up against Toughness 4+ teams:

  • Scouts with Heavy Bolters: 48″ Heavy 3 S3 AP -1 – this provides range, punch, multiple targets, combined with “Comms” and “Demolitions” abilities/stratagems it should be able to break that T4+ ceiling. You sacrifice one wound, and a 3+ save for a 4+ though.
  • Scouts with Missile Launchers: 48″ With Krak/Frag missiles this is similar to the Intercessor Gunners, but with longer range. With access to camo cloaks as well they can be quite sticky.